Episode 4. Living Your Truth and Making Room For Others To Do The Same with CHAV

CHAV fills us is on the gaps in their journey from Nat’s improv-club co-member and commercial model to black queer icon, and we fill them in on what’s been going on in South Bend since they left.

Listen on Anchor.

CHAV is a multi-media conceptual artist living in Brooklyn, and they are absolutely blowing up right now. Their work has included photography, art installations, poetry, videography, dance, and music. They are a co-founder of FagMass Collective and recently launched Flat Pop Records, a pop label that showcases the work of marginalized artists, especially women, nonbinary, LGBTQ, and people of color. 

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Links mentioned in this episode: 

@CHAV.pop on Instagram

@flatpoprecords on Instagram

@_fagmass_ on Instagram

“Kickin’ on the Floor (QUEEN)” premiere on Paper Magazine

Feature on “Queen Black America” on Paper Magazine

Interview with Wussy Mag

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