5 Creative Money Makers You Can Start This Weekend

Are you ready to make your creativity work for you? Here are 5 ways you can start monetizing your creative skills this weekend. You gotta start somewhere. 👇

1. Set up a Patreon account

Patreon is a great way to get fans and friends to pledge money toward your creative work on a monthly or project basis. You’ll find lots of podcasters, YouTubers, and illustrators on here. This is great if your work is not a physical good or something the community as a whole gets to enjoy. Go explore how other creatives are using the platform and see if that’s a good fit for you.

2. Use Square to make a free store page and sell your physical work online.

You know those Square card readers that you see at vendor booths and small coffee shops? Well, they offer a free platform to show and sell your work and only take a small processing fee off each sale. This is the easiest route to start to sell physical or digital goods without having to create a custom website, domain, etc. 

3. Art on demand

Sell your art without the hassle by using a print on demand service like Redbubble to put your art on anything from shoes to backpacks. We make a lot of our own merch, but if we didn’t have access to our makerspace, it would be near impossible. Not to mention how costly it can be to just get materials for each new item you want to sell. Using a service like Redbubble, Society6, or Printful, you can focus on the parts you’re really good at, being creative and making new designs. You can leave the production, processing and shipping all to a service like this. 

4. Freelance your skills

You can freelance all sorts of skills on sites like Fivrr. Just take fifteen minutes to browse what people are offering. You can sell super simple services like voice over work or photo editing, or you can offer more robust service packages like designing an entire website or brand guide. The options are endless. 

5. Sell an online class

Want a great moneymaker? Sell a class where you show others how to do something you’re good at on sites like Teachable, Udemy or Skillshare. There have been pretty successful classes on things as simple as canning to more complex courses on how to start an entire podcast. We bought one of those courses to help us start our podcast journey. So think of something you’re good at that others might want to learn, and explore how you can sell your information in a simple class. 


If you’ve got time this weekend, try to set one of these up. And if you’re ready to step into your creative work even more, we’ve got more ideas for you, not to mention our Killer Creators Program that takes you in depth on making your creativity work for you so you can have more time to do what you love with less stress. Be sure to get on our email list to be notified the next time that program opens up so you don’t miss out. 

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