The Close Of A Decade

In just over a month, we close the door on the 2010s and walk into a new decade. And while this is an admittedly arbitrary dividing line, these markers can be helpful to track the big-picture trajectory of our lives.

Ten years ago, Michelle and I were planning our wedding. I had just moved home after a brief stint in Chicago trying to make it as a full-time musician and had gotten a job as a substitute teacher. She was working as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit and going through a program to get her teaching license. She had done art all through college, but had set it aside for a bit until she finished her program. 

Ten years later, she’s running a makerspace to help other artists. I’m planning music festivals, hosting shows, and fresh my band’s third release—second on vinyl—all while I write freelance for a living. 

It wasn’t an easy journey. The past decade has been filled with frustrations, artless seasons, career detours, layoffs, debt, and even food stamps. But at the end of all of it, we’ve still ended up more or less where we wanted to be—doing creative work and investing in a community where others can do the same. 

Looking back over the last decade, I wonder: 

What would we have done differently if we knew where we’d end up?

Would we have taken a chance on our dreams earlier if we knew that we would actually be able to succeed? Would we have swallowed our creative dreams and gotten safe jobs if we knew that we would be able to do what we wanted in the first place? 

Or would we have jumped in headfirst from the get-go?

Maybe Michelle would be celebrating her shop’s tenth anniversary this February instead of just her fifth. Maybe my band would have already had some tours under our belt instead of just now starting to plan them now. Maybe our festival would already be the major event that we know it can become. We certainly would have had some missteps, but we could be looking back on even more successes if we started earlier.

Look back at your past ten years. What have you achieved? Where have you failed? 

Maybe you’re not where you wanted to be a decade ago. But, that doesn’t need to be true of this coming decade. 

What would you be doing differently if you knew that it was possible to reach your creative dreams? What risks would you take now if you knew that they would pay off? What things have you been putting off that you would jump into now?

There’s a saying we like to throw around a lot in the FitzGerald household:

“One Day” starts now. 

Maybe the 2010s weren’t a stellar success for you. But maybe the 2020s can be. You can start moving toward that goal today. Every little step gets you closer.

And we want to help. 

Ten years ago, we didn’t have a community around us supporting us on the way to their goals. We didn’t have a lot of people who were chasing those creative pursuits. Even when we quit our jobs to do our own thing, we didn’t have many examples around us who were killing it creatively. We just sort of winged it (wung it?) until we made it happen.

But now that we’ve come out the other end, we want to give others the help that we didn’t have. That’s why Michelle opened her shop. That’s why I’m hosting house shows and open mics and festivals. 

And that’s why we started the Killer Creators. We want to offer you the support, community, and knowhow we wish we had when we first started out. If that just means being on our email list or bookmarking our blog or subscribing to our podcast, that’s perfect. 

But if you want to really take things up a notch, join our course. In our program, we give you all the support we can muster to make your creative dreams a reality, with modules addressing limiting beliefs, managing your resources, honing your vision, and practical business tips to actually get started, plus a helpful workbook to organize all of your ideas into a tangible plan, a members-only Facebook group where you can share successes and challenges with like-minded creators, and two one-on-one coaching calls with us. 

We know that all of this information can help take you to where you want to be, because it’s all the same lessons that we learned in the last six years of doing this creative work for ourselves. We’ve seen more success than we ever thought—and we want to bring others along too.

If you want to jump in, join our course here. We’d love to help you make this next decade better than you ever thought. 

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