Apologies for the Radio Silence

Hey Killers—Nat here with an update. Things have been a little quiet over here in Killer Land—some of you may have even noticed and been wondering why. The answer might get a little heavy, but it’s worth sharing with you all.  Three weeks ago, my Uncle passed away unexpectedly during a hip surgery. It wasContinue reading “Apologies for the Radio Silence”

Episode 4. Living Your Truth and Making Room For Others To Do The Same with CHAV

CHAV fills us is on the gaps in their journey from Nat’s improv-club co-member and commercial model to black queer icon, and we fill them in on what’s been going on in South Bend since they left. Listen on Anchor. CHAV is a multi-media conceptual artist living in Brooklyn, and they are absolutely blowing upContinue reading “Episode 4. Living Your Truth and Making Room For Others To Do The Same with CHAV”

The #1 Secret to Living with More Freedom

Jump on Instagram for a minute, and you’ll likely cross a photo of someone living their best life. They travel whenever they want, live without a care in the world, and work new projects whenever inspiration strikes. And you might think, “Man, I just wish I had that much freedom.” You might think they haveContinue reading “The #1 Secret to Living with More Freedom”

Episode 3. Creative Play as a Career with Jonathan Randall Grant

Jonathan Randall Grant talks with us about the way our creative journeys have coincided over the last decade and how he turned his art from play to profession. Jonathan Randall Grant is a muralist, liturgical artist, fashion consultant, and advocate living in Chicago. He is the manager of communications for Episcopal Charities in Chicago, artistContinue reading “Episode 3. Creative Play as a Career with Jonathan Randall Grant”

What’s Holding You Back?

Five years ago, things with SPACESHIPS had slowed down for a few months. Our drummer was working 70 hour weeks and our bassist was preparing to get married.  And then there was me, with nothing extra going on and all these musical ideas that I couldn’t share with anyone.  So I wrote a solo album. Continue reading “What’s Holding You Back?”

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